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Anonymous said: So like, I've been on grindr and jackd lately, I'm 19. I've had sex with about 3 or 4 guys(3unprotected and one protected) and the rest I just sucked their dick. Yes I asked all of them if they're clean n they said yes. I mean, they're all career driven men, so I just agreed. Should I be worried? My ass has Been hurting tho since the last time I got fucked. My next checkup is next month.. What u think? Should i worry about catching anything? #seriousquestion


First let me start off by helping you out with “terminology” the word “Clean” is not cool so dont use that if you are talking about HIV status, because most HIV + guys find it offensive, because ultimately what you are stating is that POS guys are “Unclean” by default, so ya, not cool, just thought you should know that :)

Okay newbie, lets get to the meat of the matter, If you are hooking up with random strangers and you are letting them fuck you in the ass with out a condom and you are JUST taking there word about there HIV status and there STI status then you are a FOOL because people LIE! You should get to know ANYONE that stichs there cock in your ass hole FIRST get to know them, if you dont want to do that then ALWAYS have them use a condom, but if and when at all possible you should get him tested, or at the VERY least use an Oraquick test for “ANY anal sex”…

Oral is a concern but not so much to me, I would never suck a condom, but thats just me,  I love to suck and get sucked and I take my risks with that but again there will always be some sort of a risk with ANY sex with or with out a condom…… but getting back to what you said, if you are letting these random guys fuck you in the ass “without” any consideration of what they might pass onto you then what you will have, is what is probably  happening to you right now, you have a sore bum bum because you might have contracted an STI of some sort…..But I am guessing that you already knew that but choose to do it anyway? If it were me, I would hightail it to your doctor ASAP and have a check up and BE SURE to tell him you had UNPROTECTED anal, and if you contracted HIV and if its within 48 hours (I believe that it it could be 72 hours) you can start taking PREP, your doctor will know about that…PREP will stop you from contracting that particular virus. BUT it might not be HIV it could just be a sore hole from rough fucking or you may just have a STI that can be treated quickly with some pills or shots…..But yes, thats the risk involved, I am not trying to freak you out but you need to know that there are risks when you do what you did, its natural to crave cock and ass and want to be crazy we are all horney fucks most of the time,  but there are somethings you NEED to be strong about and getting a hold of your cock and hormones and slamming on the breaks is a very important part of growing up, so for fucks sake stop with the RANDOM hook ups. There are amazing new tests out there that are FAST 2 weeks, is not long to wait so meet a hot guy get tested then fuck two weeks later, the MOST rapid test is called the Fourth-generation test it can simultaneously detect both HIV antibodies and antigens. Tests that look for the p24 antigen can detect it within 14-15 days. Tests can detect plasma HIV RNA (ribonucleic acid) within about 10 days of infection.

For clinical guidelines on using HIV diagnostic tests or ANY sex STD/STI health questions, speak with your doctor :) Again let me end this by saying I am not trying to scare you and I am NOT any kind of a doctor, I have just tried to be in the know about all things sex related , given what I do for a living, so again all you boys and gurls out there reading this, medical stuff PLEASE ask your doctor with anything medical dont ask a dummy like me :)



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Squad up

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